May 28, 2013

How Not to Win Friends Promote Community Trust

Bare Naked Islam:

Milad Bin Ahmad Shah al-Ahmadzai was arrested at his home in Sydney’s west on Monday night by officers from the Joint Counter Terrorism Team, which works closely with ASIO and includes staff from the Australian Federal Police.

Image credit The Australian

The unemployed 23-year-old is alleged to have threatened the official – who has not been identified and was described in court as a “ghost” – by saying: “Come near my family again, I’m gonna slit your throat, you pig.” According to court documents, Mr al-Ahmadzai had been under investigation by the Sydney Joint Counter Terrorism Team since December 2009 for “allegedly committing terrorism offences”.

Earlier this month he called a federal government “public contact telephone number and requested a specific . . . officer return his call”, the documents state. During their subsequent conversation, he “did make a threat, to wit ‘I’m gonna crack your neck’,” before making the threat of slitting the officer’s throat. Mr al-Ahmadzai intended that the official “fear that the threat would be carried out.”

See you later Milad Bin Ahmad Shah al-Ahmadzai , don't let Bubba hit you where Allah split you.

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