May 28, 2013

Mitigating Circumstance: My Islamic Education Says its OK to Rape Thirteen Year Old Kuffar Girls

Front Page Mag:

Islamic law in action means that there is a two tier justice system. One for natives. Another for Muslim colonists who get to live under their own law in which raping 13 year old girls is okay.
A muslim who raped a 13-year-old girl he groomed on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he was taught that women are worthless.
Well that makes it okay. He only raped her because he thought women were worthless.
For one its horrid that the judge failed to properly sentence this man. But the boy is correct in his interpretation of Islamic law. Even if they've paid the Jizya it would be difficult to convict a Muslim of raping an infidel under sharia law.

So the next time you hear someone espousing the benefits of Sharia, you might want to think long and hard about your daughters before you jump on the bandwagon.

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