May 25, 2013

Copycat Of Woolwich?
French Soldier Stabbed In Neck By Bearded Man Of North African 'Type'...

Too soon to tell if 'copycat' but smite them when you see them comes to mind. France has radical jihadi returning from the war in Syria who fought along side with the likes of al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nursah and they have worried they will start doing shite like this. Also, France's intervention in Mali have caused AQIM (al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) loving jihadi in their midst to go ape shite.

The brave brave jihadi came up from behind the soldier and stabbed him in the neck.

leParisien (Googlish):

Vigipirate military mission in the business district of La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine) was stabbed, including throat with a knife on Saturday by a man currently in hiding[...]

According to the Nanterre prosecutor, Robert Gelli, questioned by AFP, the military soldier was hit from behind by a man who brought him a blow to the neck. He spoke of "a knife" without being able to say if it was a knife or a cutter. He was initially treated at a local RATP close before being hospitalized in Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine). His life is not in danger.

The attacker managed to flee. He "left without saying a word," said the prefect of Hauts-de-Seine who visited the scene. "He wanted to kill the soldier," he said. Police described him as a man of North African type, aged about 30 years. It is with a beard, a black jacket and a light colored jilbab, according to our information.

Pat Dollard has more on this from a English source: The attack was being treated as a “terrorist incident”, said a source at the Paris prosecutors office.

Update: More on the attacker and condition of the soldier, which isn't much except for 'out of danger':

The soldier was reported to be out of danger after being transported to a nearby military hospital[...]

The lone attacker was described as a young man wearing a Muslim prayer cap and a North African-style robe called a jellabah. According to a police account, he was monitored on security cameras and seen shedding his robe and fleeing in European clothes before disappearing into the crowd in a subway and train entrance.

Let's hope the security cameras video were clear enough for a facial recognition and will lead to his capture.

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