May 24, 2013

Meanwhile Generic Youths Still Rioting in Sweden

Swedish Police are overwhelmed, mainly because they're not allowed to use common sense and shoot the rioters in the head. I mean I reckon that it would only take a few heads exploding all over their Akhi to clear this whole mess right up?


Police in Stockholm called in reinforcements on Friday after youths set cars and a school ablaze in a fifth night of rioting, the worst to hit Sweden for years.
Pupils at a primary school in Kista - an IT hub that is home to the likes of telecoms equipment maker Ericsson and the Swedish office of Microsoft - arrived to find the inside of the small red wooden building had been completely burnt out.
While Thursday was slightly calmer than the four nights before, about 30 cars were torched and eight people, mostly in their early 20s, were detained, police said.
In a country with a reputation for openness, tolerance and a model welfare state, the rioting has exposed a fault-line between a well-off majority and a minority - often young people with immigrant backgrounds - who are poorly educated, cannot find work and feel pushed to the edge of society.
So they are not rioting over jobs or money, they get a free place to stay and food, which is more than they got back home.

They are rioting because the police shot a crazy guy with a machete and also because they can and get away with it. They have no respect to the Kuffar nor the Kuffars property because its not sinful to do this to Kuffar in Islam. Muslims can do with the Kuffar as they please in areas they control just like the Kuffar was a dog or livestock.

And don't look at me like that just because I understand Sharia.

If liberals keep ascribing their own wishful motives to these things, if they fail to open their eyes and see what is right in front of them to satisfy their sense fairness, they will be the next one on the ground feeling the cold steel cut through their necks.

Because the rioters don't think of them as anything except useful idiots. Well maybe cowards too.

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