May 23, 2013

Woolwich Journalist Always Felt Safe Until...

The EDL showed up.

That's right, Emily Jupp of The Independent, always felt safe and happy in her Woolwich neighborhood until last night:

Woolwich has been my home for six years. It has always felt safe. Even during the riots, I wandered down the high street past smashed windows, past looters in hoodies. Yes, it was unsettling, there was a sense of anger and frustration, but it was directed at property, and sometimes at the police, it wasn't divided along racial or religious lines. Most of all, it didn't make a dent in the community. [...]

Last night was different.

That's when the Islamophobes, better known as The English Defence League (EDL), appeared.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel a little less safe around machete wielding men butchering an innocent man in the middle of the street in the name of Allah than of a few rowdy and (justifiably) angry protesters. I'm a little quirky like that, I guess.

Another journalist, Daniel Trilling, writes of his fears:

It's just before 9pm on Wednesday evening, and the handful of customers in Woolwich Wetherspoons are distracted by the giant TV screen playing looped footage of a crime scene about half a mile up the road. It's the main topic of conversation, and even the barman is arguing with the waitress, like people everywhere have been arguing: who did it, why, what it means. A few minutes later, a dozen men - youngish, in windbreaker jackets - enter the pub, looking jumpy. Several are talking into their mobiles. As his companions approach the bar, one steps back outside and unfurls a St George's flag with "EDL - Bexley Divison" written on it.

Oh, the horror! windbreakers and a St. George's flag?! I'm so happy everyone made it out safe. I hope no one stepped in the big pool of blood on Artillery Place fleeing these EDL racists!

Two young men butchering an innocent in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street, while praising Allah and quoting the Quran = just another crime by confused and disenchanted yobs

Young men in windbreakers, looking jumpy, talking on phones and carrying a St. George flag = horrible racists out to destroy the community!!11!!!

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