May 21, 2013

Pakistan: Mosque Loudspeakers Blare Call To Kill Cross Worshipers


Bronco Bama is unavailable for comment because this is about Christians.


A Muslim political candidate suspected of murdering a Christian has instigated calls from mosque loudspeakers for attacks on Christians, whom he blames for his May 11 election loss.

Tensions were high in Punjab Province’s Okara district after provincial assembly seat candidate Mehr Abdul Sattar, sought by police in connection with a 2008 murder, on May 13 arranged for mosque calls for violence against Christian villages.

“Burn their homes to the ground … Punish them such that they forget Gojra and Joseph Colony,” blared village mosques in the district, according to Younas Iqbal, chairman of the Anjuman-e-Mazareen Punjab, a peasant movement fighting for land rights.[More...]

We riot, we scream, we burn down Christian homes and we kill Christians~The ROPMA

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