May 21, 2013

Obama Urges Egypt, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran To Stop Violence Against Christians

No, wait. Wrong title.

It should read: "Obama urges Myanmar to stop violence against Muslims."

President Barack Obama urged the president of Myanmar on Monday to halt violence against a Muslim minority but praised economic and political reforms in the formerly pariah nation that is emerging as a U.S. ally in China's backyard.

During the first visit to the White House in 47 years by a leader of the Southeast Asian nation, Obama called for an end to the killings of Rohingya Muslims in western Myanmar's Rakhine state.

Reformist Myanmar President Thein Sein vowed to resolve ethnic conflicts and bring perpetrators to justice.

"I also shared with President Sein our deep concern about communal violence that has been directed at Muslim communities inside Myanmar. The displacement of people, the violence directed towards them needs to stop," Obama said.

We all know Obama doesn't give a crap about non-Muslim minorities suffering persecution in Islamic countries.

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