May 19, 2013

Berlin: Femen Protesting Barbie Dreamhouse Exhibit Burn A Barbie Doll On A Cross


Mommy, why is that woman burning a Barbie Doll?

For some, it's a dream in pink. For others, it's a monument to misogyny. The Barbie Dreamhouse opened its doors in Berlin on Thursday, and demonstrators and journalists were out in force. Femen also made an appearance -- to burn Barbie on the cross.

In the end, someone did get hurt -- and in the center of the events at the Barbie Dreamhouse Experience on Thursday afternoon stood a gigantic, pink high-heeled shoe. The pump was actually a fountain of sorts, and the emblem of the life-sized dollhouse that opened its doors to the public on Thursday near Berlin's Alexanderplatz square.


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Mommy, why are those men smiling at that woman?


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