May 17, 2013

It Wasn't Just the IRS

DHS, FBI, Osha. All the instruments of government power were directed at conservatives.

Even Hispanic groups of conservatives. I guess they just weren't Obama's kind of Hispanics?

Update: Its exploding. St Louis reporter who asked Obama tough questions got a call from the IRS.

Larry Connors, the KMOV anchor who asked Barack Obama some tough questions about his family's vacation habits and claimed earlier this week that he might have been harassed by the IRS as a result, has been taken off the air.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch, the station decided to give Connors a "few days off" while they looked into his allegations. KMOV news director Sean McLaughlin went out of his way to say that Connors was not suspended.

Update again, The Surge or Applications is a fabrication aka f*cking lie doubleclutch.

IRS planned when to release apology, apparently sometime after the election was good. What's a year or two anyway.

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