May 16, 2013

WH Twitter Account: #ObamaCareInThree Words It's.The.Law.
Who Is Tweeting? Joe Biden As In Jobs?

Well, well we have a wee bit of a problem here, no? The Bronco Bama administration has heard the calls for "repeal Obamacare" after the IRS showed their love for Obama by targeting those who do not 'worship' their savior.

The IRS was caught with their pants down and now the warning has gone out save the IRS so we can implement Obamacare.


To get to the point of this post, the official twitter account of the White House tweeted this:


Besides the above being a flat out in your face thingy, whomever tweeted it can't count and doesn't understand contractions.


Good Lord if the past week hasn't gone totally crazy in Obama 'scandals' and they come back with this?

I guess the contraction "It's" counts as one word. Like the IRS spokeswoman (still in employ) commented " she's not good at math.

Yeah, let's (as in let us, 2 words) give the IRS control of all aspects of our life but think about this, the "official White House" twitter account posted the above.

Math is apparently hard in the White House and their underlings.

Mission was accomplished targeting "shadowy Conservative Groups: and the games from the Bronco Bama administration begin anew.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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