May 16, 2013

Lets Play Follow the Meme

I think its worth going over how the White House, Obama2012 and the Netroots plays this little game of cat and mouse over tax exempt groups.

First lets point out that what is called "outrageous" by the President and his supporters was the breaking of the law, a felony for which several underlings will undoubtedly be thrown under the bus. Indeed they are already being thrown under the bus.

The outrage is over the fact that the IRS released application before they were processed. That is before they were either approved or disapproved. This is against the law. However once the applications are processed they become public. And can be accessed by freedom of information requests and other avenues.

See here's the scam, once the IRS requests additional information for a specific application the group is in a catch 22. If they don't comply they don't get approved. If they do comply they know that once the applications are processed the entire content including the additional information will become public.

reporters made a habit of requesting applications from potentially politically active non-profits. Those applications are supposed to be public only after they've been approved. But ProPublica says, in response to one request, that they received nine pending applications
This serves to chill the zeal to apply for one, but it also is a calculated tactic for later use in political campaigns. And its all perfectly legal if not an entirely ethical to extract information on your political enemies. And in the end you can cite concerns about Shadowy Conservative Groups with undue influence in the political process, or even just say you're just trying to do your job.

Um yeah. Keep that phrase in mind Shadowy Conservative Groups.

But what happens is the political machine is hungry, it wants its information feed. It wants it now. So since this practice of manipulating the bureaucracy for information mining purposes is regular and ordinary. I mean its going to be public anyway, deadline schmedline no? What's the harm if its just a teeny tiny little bit early. After all we know OFA and the media aren't going to really complain about it. So indeed, what's the harm? And it will help us in the struggle against Shadowy Conservative Groups out to hijack democracy. I mean there is a political campaign going on after all.

Oh but that was the rub, what was an ordinary partisan bureaucratic manipulation became a crime when unprocessed applications were released. So its not the extra scrutiny that Obama finds outrageous, its that someone f*cked it all up that has them all in a tissy.

This is part of the Democrat push against independent groups that Obama, the media and the netroots have been engaged in for years. Lets take a look at how it works.

First you need the information you mined to go to some liberal think tank, someone willing to share with you. Like say Center for American Progress, there's dozens of these. Pick one, it doesn't matter.

Then you need to pick a menacing meme like say, "Shadowy Conservative Groups" Something you can spread around via your allies, a dog whistle if you will. I mean the liberals say dog whistle a lot, i guess because they're so used to their ears perking up when they hear phrases like Shadowy Conservative Groups. Its like saying here Matt! Come on Matt boy! .

Once you get that then you can have dear leader repeat the meme in like say a tweet.


What follows next is a faithful repeating of said meme by your supporters and sympathetic followers far and wide.

The Shadowy Conservative Group That Was Behind the Fight Against Obamacare from the Center For Media and Democracy.
Peter DeFazio Turns The Tables, Confronts Shadowy Conservative Group from Huffpo.
Obama, Dems Try To Make Shadowy Conservative Groups A Problem For Conservatives again from Huffpo.
October Surprise: Shadowy Conservative Groups Dominate Outside Spending by John Avlon at the The Daily Beast.
Barack Obama via his G+ account. Shadowy conservative groups just pledged $1 billion.
TPMDC Santorum’s New Iowa Staffers Have Ties To Shadowy Conservative Advocacy Group

That last one even comes with awesome ironic pop up ad.


Here's Dan Rather interviewing just after the 2010 midterms in which Obama lost his congressional majority talking about the Shadowy Conservative Groups they blamed for the Democrats losses. Note one of the subjects they identified as a loser for Democrats were Shadowy Conservative Groups in Ohio, Which was a major focus of Obama2012.

Moving on so to speak

Shadowy GOP-Linked Group Plans Barrage Of 2010 Robo-Calls at TPM.
For A Better Chicago PAC Funder Has Ties To Shadow Conservative Groups via Progress Illinois February 4th, 2011.
most vocal online defenders of the shadowy conservative group
Citizens For A Working America, Shadowy GOP Group With Roots In Virginia, Ohio, And Kentucky, Targets S.C. Democrat

Need I go on?

So the suggestion that this wall all because of a few out of line IRS staffers is f*cking laughable doubleclutch. It was part of the strategy from day one to tighten the screws on conservative groups, use the information mined from that in the political process, demonize these groups and anyone who spoke out.

The problem was that in the process someone got the cart before the horse and committed a felony. But they will pay the price, not the organizers and higher ups that created the expectations, created the environment where releasing this information to liberal think thanks and political operatives was the norm.

As Rusty would say, See how this works?

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