May 14, 2013

The Real Reason Shabaab Wants Omar Hammami Dead
Because of You Know, The Ghey

Exhibit one, the cover of this release of audio on the forums.


That's pretty gay, add to that the fact that Omar himself admitted Shabaab found gasp, condoms when they raided his home. And also alcohol?

And now from the text of the release comes this.

the man who "was kissing him a lot
Gay and...
Abu Mansour had locked himself in myself Fortress of Solitude
Ummmmm yeah.

Thanks to Switch_d.

Its well known that al-Shabaab is intolerant of Homosexuality. But given that Omar leaves behind widows and children everywhere he goes I figured he was a raging Alabama hetro-man. Maybe it was overcompensation for his, you know sekrit? I mean its not like it would be the first time that happened.

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