May 10, 2013

Zombie Omar Hammami?

A new twitter feed has emerged claiming to be Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki.


I had my doubts, so I've asked for pictures, proof, something.

But my gut says its not fake, if it is whomever is running the sock puppet has an extremely uncanny ability to imitate Omar.

And yeah you experts out there can second guess me, but that's a pretty tough game to win because I effing rock.

I'd left a little room,, although less than some, for Omar to survive because he's proven he has nine lives in the past. The longer he went without communicating the greater I felt the the chance he really was killed.

Now assuming this new feed works out, will anyone at all be able to talk sense into Hammami?

I doubt it, the Soap Opera ain't over yet.

Update: After further observation I'm leaning to forgery.

Due to the troll's behaviour over the weekend combined with another round phishing attacks against Jawa Report, add to that several reliable sources' doubts and one super reliable source saying that they've not heard a peep from Omar since the 3rd via any channel.

Add it all up and you get, *I was wrong and he's still missing.

*Yes I'm like totally gullible. Which is why I adhere to the observe over time method.

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