May 07, 2013

Omar Hammami Deathwatch Conclusion?

He's dead Jim.?


If confirmed this would seem to fit with the fact that He's not tweeted since the 3rd of May.

Our condolences to his mother. Omar was a terrorist, but so far as terrorists go they are not all unlikeable. And he was just American enough to speak up when he witnessed what he saw as al-Shabaab serving its own interests rather than the interests of what Omar calls Islam.

So I guess you can take the Jihadi out of America but you can't take the American out of the Jihadi.

In the end Omar's story is a tragic tale of boy meets Jihad, abandons his family and friends for Somalia. Where the Jihad turns on him and all that's left behind are the crying widows, orphans, mothers and fathers.

The wages of Jihad is death.

Updated: 05/08/2013: 11:55 CDT: Still not confirmed , but forum sources also claim that Hammami is alive and in good spirits. Neither the dead nor the alive claims are proven say with photographic evidence.

Selected Wisdom: So what is my take? Well, if I had to guess, and the situation could change at any minute, Id make the following guess on Omars fate as of now. (Taking a lesson from Nate Silver, Ill make my prediction based on probabilities.

75% chance hes still alive unless I see more signals and verification, Im not believing hes been killed. I think Shabaab will be quick to take credit if they get him.

20% chance hes dead whether he died yesterday or not, hes still in an incredibly vulnerable position. Theyve already tried to kill him a few weeks back, they could get him at any minute.

5% chance Omar is and always has been part of a Zombie vanguard operating in Somalia. This would explain why he continues to escape death he was never alive in the first place.

While I'd probably not make the same guesses as Clint, I'd go say 80% dead 20% alive, I have to admit Omar seems to have nine lives so I'd not be surprised if he turned up. But still there is no activity on his twitter feeds nor his Youtube. If the forum reports of alive and in good spirits are true I'd expect to see him talk about it on those feeds, that would be consistent with his past behavior. The current lull in his feeds is one of the longest I can remember since he surfaced.

And alos

Update: From our friend Rahm: It Is Official,Omar Hammami Commander of Al-Shabaab Bites the Dust (Hammertime)

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