May 07, 2013

Shaima Alawadi Still Awaits Justice

The one year anniversary of her murder was April 21st. My bad for failing to note that.

Muslim Street:

On March 21, 2012, an Iraqi woman was found murdered in her home. Initially presented as a hate crime, further investigation into the case determined Shaima Alawadi was murdered by her husband. As we pass the one year anniversary of Shaima’s murder, it is important for us to honor her memory and internally reflect as the Muslim community on how we could have prevented Shaima’s murder. As someone who believes that a true call for justice on behalf of victims of violence can only be attained if we eradicate the very root causes that lead to such atrocities, then true justice for Shaima can only be realized if we acknowledge the pervasiveness of abuse in the American Muslim community.

When the murder of Shaima initially happened, there was immense level of solidarity and activism. However as soon as more information was released that this was a domestic violence case and not a hate crime based on religion, the call demanding justice for Shaima disappeared-a call that would have asked us to all reflect on why are women in our community being murdered when they ask for a divorce. How is it that we were more willing to police the daughter of Shaima for being in car with a man and having sex, but didn’t have the courage to ask why was it that even when she attempted suicide, and reported in an emergency room that she was being forced to marry someone against her consent that there was no response from law enforcement.

Prett good take on the issues by Muslim Street, except for when they state that forced marriage is not a crime in the US. I would take exception to that, every man and woman here has the right to choose of their own free will whom to marry. So the idea of a forced marriage is a bit alien here to say the least.

I guess the real challenge is knowing you have the right to refuse and that most all methods of coercion especially those by force are also unlawful. From what I recall the trial if Kassim Alawadi should be starting soon. If anyone has information on those proceedings please let us know.

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