May 07, 2013

Liberal Columnist: 2nd Amendment Written "About A Thousand Years Ago"

When there were just muskets and slingshots and spears...

Mike Lupica wrote in his unhinged Sarah Palin rant (emphasis mine):

The leaders of the NRA donít speak for responsible gun owners in America, and never have. They donít even speak to the spirit of the Second Amendment, written about a thousand years ago for single-shot muskets.

Lupica also rages against Sarah Palin's t-shirt, 'phony patriots' (aka NRA members), and women who hunt.

If this was around 'a thousand years ago'...


FYI, in case we have any anti-gun leftists here, the 2nd Amendment is part of the Constitution, which was ratified in 1788. That's 225 years ago. Like a million years after Christ. And a few Gazillion years after the dinosaurs.

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