May 06, 2013

Weather Underground: Unrepentant Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Unrepentant As Ever

bernadine dorn_grant money.jpg
Bill Ayers(L) Bernadine Dohrn(R)

Via Malkin

Barack Obama’s violent Chicago domestic terrorist pal is still clinging to his bombs. Guilty as hell, free as a bird.

At Kent State this weekend, he defended the Weather Underground attacks, whitewashed the bloody consequences of his ideological zealotry, attacked the United States as the “most violent” country in the world, called John McCain a mass murderer, and glorified left-wing radicalism. Via the Akron Beacon Journal:


"Don't equate the Weather Underground with the Boston Bombers"~William Ayers


Update: Jason Mattera tried to confront Robert Redford over his movie about the Weather Underground "The Company You Keep". Redford's film glamorizes the domestic terrorists bitches so Jason asked him "will you glamorize the Boston Bombers next?


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