May 06, 2013

Meet Occupy Portland's Anarchist 'Reverend' Of The 'Ecumenical Church of the Divine'

Radio talk show host Victoria Taft interviewed this 'rev' at the May Day meetup of those who live under rocks, sometimes:

Occupy Anarchists hide behind violence preaching "Church". Meet the Reverend Stu, who quotes Emma Goldman and Malcolm X but can't bring himself to disavow Portland anarchist's violence. He wears an anarchist scarf where a collar would be. I suppose it explains his sign.
Rev of all trades:
...Turns out he’ll do your funeral AND a tarot card reading! (Contact by phone if you’d like him to preside over your next Molotov cocktail bombing.)

Watch this video where he says he believes, doesn’t believe, does believe, sort of believes in violence.

Taken with my iPhone, so pardon the small format.

Update: It appears doesn't exist or went the wayside.

Update II: Ooops, here is the website: I missed the 'the' part.

Thanks to Lan Astaslem for link.

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