May 06, 2013

On Chemical Weapons in Syria

There's a lot of finger pointing going around, all sides trying to use Obama's red line of Chemical weapons to change the game either in favor of the rebels (chokeal-gaspqeadacughterrorists) or in favor of the slightly more civilized Iranian and Hezblloah allied terrorists opposing them.

Now I wouldn't put it past either side really. Especially al-Nusra if they could, because status quo favors the regime long term. So they need a game changer.

But regardless, don't put too much stock in any of it.

Unless we see evidence like this.


When Saddam gassed the Kurds.

We really don't know who or what used chemical weapons if at all. Chlorine released as a by product of bombing houses and water treatment just doesn't really count. All kinds of toxic things are released in fires caused by conventional warfare.

So far none of the evidence I've seen justifies US stepping in the middle of two sects of Muslims engaged in killing each other.

Had we been able to maintain a status of forces agreement in Iraq we might have a foot to stand on. But we didn't and we don't.

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