May 04, 2013

US-bound Slovak Detained At London Airport Over Suspicious Device

This has been all over the news since Wednesday, not.

The man had NO idea how the detonator-like-device got in his carry-on

Bratislava, May 2 (CTK) - The police at London's Heathrow airport on Wednesday detained a group of Slovaks and Czechs heading for the USA over a suspicious, detonator-like device uncovered on one of the Slovaks, who still remains in British detention, the Slovak news server reported Thursday.

The group of nine Slovaks and two Czechs arrived on a flight from Vienna-Schwechat and planned to continue to Las Vegas, the USA.

The Slovak BUBO Travel Agency that organised the trip has confirmed the information about the incident to CTK.

After a seven-hour questioning the investigators released both Czechs and seven Slovaks, who nevertheless, could not continue their way to the USA but had to return home, the server writes, citing one of the Slovak passengers.

The Slovak man, on whom the suspicious device was found in an arrival check at London-Heathrow, and his wife remain in Britain[...]

According to the Slovak Foreign Ministry, the man says someone planted the suspicious device on him while sleeping, server has written.[More...]

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