May 03, 2013

'Sources': Feds Find AQAP's Inspire Mag & Other Jihadi Stuff On Computer Of Boston Bombers Widow

Why, I am just shocked, shocked to learn this!

Who woulda thunk?

Looks like the hubby may not have been the only Tsarnaev interested in radical Islamist reading material after all. A search of Katherine Russell Tsarnaev’s computer turned up data from Inspire, the recruitment magazine published by al-Qaeda online, as well as other material that makes her more interesting than an average witness:

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Well, she probably didn't know terrorist stuff was on her computer, right? Nor did she know hubby and brother-in-law were making bombs using the kitchen sink and bathtub!
A bathtub and kitchen sink in the Cambridge apartment of deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev tested positive for residue from explosives, corroborating his surviving brother Dzhokhar’s claims that the duo built bombs at the home, a federal law enforcement source said Friday.
I hear nothing, I see nothing, I shut up now now~ Katherine Russell

I shut up now link thanks to Beth.

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