May 03, 2013

A Jawa at Newsweek?

A shocking story of a journalist shocked by what Jawa Report has been telling its readers since 2004. Namely the online jihad is dangerous and these people are sick and twister lovers of death.


I decided to try an experiment: I would spend seven days creeping through the Internet using disposable IP addresses, inhabiting the milieu of radical sites and Facebook pages. In Manhattan coffee shops, on subway platforms, between tasks at work, I would take up residence in the darkest corners of the Web—and see what I could learn about the fetid swamps where self-made jihadists are allegedly born.

... as the week went on and I acquired more friends, the online world I was in became more disquieting. A flurry of new connections with ever more extreme Islamists overwhelmed my timeline with pornographic violence. Everywhere I clicked I found religious snuff films masquerading as “battlefield updates” and snippets of footage from Syria, accompanied by the droning chants of Allahu akbar every time a weapon was discharged. Gruesome images of the recently “martyred”—in Syria, Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq—were swapped and shared like baseball cards.

The constant on my feed was ceaseless images of dead children, mostly killed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Everywhere I clicked, there were piles of murdered children; their limbs twisted and bloodless faces staring past the camera. With every login, there were dozens more, blurring into one easily recalled composite dead child.

One user advised his friends to be “careful” in sharing a photo of three kids, probably between 3 or 4 years old, mugging for the camera in Syria. One had his arms wrapped around a Kalashnikov rifle a few inches taller than himself, while two others (one of whom was also clutching a rifle) displayed the mujahedin flag. The image, this person warned, could be “misuse[d] by Shia, secular and kuffar,” and it should be noted that the children “did this because [of] their own wish to support Jabhat al-Nusrah,” the al Qaeda brigades fighting in Syria.

Are all they radical Islamists? Well if you ask they they'd say no, they would say simply that they are following pure Islam.

Update: Um yeah.


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