May 03, 2013

Jesus Jihad In Dallas

Repeat after me: There is no Islamic threat to Americans. Only Christians pose a terrorist threat to Americans. The FBI says so. Don't believe your own eyes or your own ears. Believe the Government. They are here to help you.

While waiting for backup officers to arrive, Grabowski overheard Martinez "yell in an unknown language and stated 'jihad' approximately 3 times," according to a Dallas Police Department report. Seen in the above mug shot, Martinez was subsequently handcuffed and arrested for illegally entering a "critical infrastructure facility." [...]

In a sworn affidavit supporting the felony complaint, FBI Agent Rodney Sanchez makes no mention of jihad. Instead, the federal investigator reported that Martinez said that he yelled "in the name of Jesus" three times when first confronted inside the hangar. (Source)

Emphasis is mine.

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