May 02, 2013

Ministry of Irony Mayor Bloomberg Refused Second Slice of Pizza

But it was like totally for his own good.

ew York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was denied a second slice of pizza today at an Italian eatery in Brooklyn.

The owners of Collegno's Pizzeria say they refused to serve him more than one piece to protest Bloomberg's proposed soda ban,which would limit the portions of soda sold in the city.

Bloomberg was having an informal working lunch with city comptroller John Liu at the time and was enraged by the embarrassing prohibition. The owners would not relent, however, and the pair were forced to decamp to another restaurant to finish their meal.

Hat Tip: Master.

Update: Last night I was wondering if maybe this was satire because of, you know, the like super awesome quotes, so um, yeah. Just call me gullible.

Still its pretty freaking awesome satire.

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