May 02, 2013

New ObamaCare Blindside Requirement
Prove Those Little Snot Nosed Dependents on Your Employer Plan Are Really Your Little Snot Nosed Dependents

Um yeah, I'm not making this shit up.

Why is a Dependent Eligibility Verification being conducted?

The plan has a fiduciary obligation under federal law to ensure that plan assets are used exclusively for the benefit of eligible individuals. It is each employee‟s responsibility to ensure covered dependents continually meet the plan‟s eligibility requirements and to provide supporting documentation upon request.

That's right the burden of proof is on you even if say your natural born child has been on the same plan since, oh say they were born.

And if you don't send the auditor, yes a whole new boom of expensive auditors will be profiting from this but I digress, if you don't send the auditor the required proofs for the Dependent Eligibility Verification process then your child will be unceremoniously dropped from coverage.

Submit a copy of one document from PROOF C:
Legal documents issued by the courts must name you or your spouse as the child’s parent; must include names of the child and the parent; and must include an official signature and/or court seal/stamp.

 Your 2011 or 2012 Federal income tax return (1040, 1040A or 1040X)
showing the child listed as your dependent with the relationship as daughter, son or child. The entire tax return is not required, only the page that lists filing status and exemptions. Mark out personal financial data and social security numbers prior to submission.

Child‟s legal or hospital birth certificate.

Final court order (divorce decree/custody agreement).

Legal adoption papers issued by the courts.

Legal guardianship papers issued by the courts.

Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO) showing you are required to provide medical coverage for the child. Documentation must state your current employer‟s name and include the names of the child and parent.

If the required documentation is not received for your dependents, they will be removed from coverage effective [redacted]

I mean you can understand auditors looking for ineligible folks, But putting the burden of proof on all the legitimate parents and dependents just stinks of the sweetheart deal that Michelle''s fave Healthcare industry was able to extract from the President in those cozy sit down meetings at the White House.

Anyone can make a mistake but to really f*ck things up requires government.

the law doesn’t specifically mandate family coverage — and now the administration says that won’t be required.

You can see why: If the lowest-cost family plan (again, two adults and three kids) is to run a whopping $20,000, and if the employee’s contribution is limited to $3,800, the employer’s tab would be $16,200 — adding about $7.40 an hour to the cost of that employee. Wisely, the IRS announced on Jan. 30 that employers won’t have to pay for dependents.

So how will the kids be covered? They won’t. The IRS shocked the law’s advocates by announcing that the insurance exchanges won’t provide subsidies for a child whose parent is covered at work.

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