May 02, 2013

Turban Durbin Joins Communists And Anarchists At May Day 'Celebration'

Senator Durbin, a man of many hats:

Meanwhile, in Seattle, the ' celebration' turned violent and a good time was had by (mostly) all anarchists, blackbloc, communists, marxists, anon, occupy, clowns and 'super heroes'. The Seattle PD, on twitter, continued to show a 'sense of humor' while also alerting law abiding citizens on how to avoid the 'marchers'

Another superhero dispute in 700 block E. Pike. Situation has resolved itself

A group of @Seattlepd officers can now say they came to the aid of a group of superheroes.

[twitter person to SeattlePD]@SeattlePD someone in the march must be following your twitter because every time you seem to announce their direction they change it LOL

[SeattlePD]Keep an eye on your satellite images. We'll see if we can get them to spell out "We Love You SPD

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