April 30, 2013

Al-Qaeda Sympathizers Protest At US Embassy In Austria In Support Of #BostonBombers

Click for some stupid image Kavkaz linked to
Those sure as hell aren't 'flags of Austria' they are sporting, just sayin..
An Austrian state news agency АРА reported on the story in an article "Activists demonstrate in Vienna in support for Tsarnaevs (Aktivisten demonstrieren in Wien für Tsarnaev)":

"On Thursday afternoon, at around 4:00 pm, a demonstration was held in Vienna to show solidarity with the two brothers who allegedly bombed the Boston Marathon.

"Muslims always hold together, no matter what happens...! We all know that the two Chechens are innocent!", shouted the organizers.
Betcha some under the burkhas are men.

h/t @th3j35t3r

If you are not a regular Jawa Report reader, the Kavkaz Center is al-Qaeda's Russian mouthpiece. When the Boston bombing first happened they were pretty quiet and now they are back to their regular jihadi propaganda program.

As Rusty has noted: "The Kavkaz Center, much like the "Voice of Jihad", Taliban's propaganda website [which has been pwnd several times by Jawas], no intelligence can be gained. Both are used for terrorist propaganda, only".

In the past they have called us Zionists. Like, that is a badge of honor here! Plus, they don't like boobies!

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