April 30, 2013

Shocking News: Harvard “Revolutionary” Socialists Hate Free Speech

I read Rebel Pundits post on the Neo-Commies at Harvard planning their post Boston Bombing disinformation strategies.

The Harvard “Revolutionary” Socialists gathered last week, just three days after the Boston Marathon bombings, for a forum entitled “Don’t Let Them Turn Tragedy into Racism” on the Harvard University campus.

The two speakers, including “one of Britain’s leading young radical intellectuals,” put forth talking points that not only express the “Revolutionary” socialists’ opinion of the Boston terrorism, but also appear to almost exactly echo those put forth by the mainstream media in the U.S.

From the New Yorker to the Chicago Tribune, MSNBC, and even Tom Brokaw, the media marched in lockstep with the finger-pointing talking points presented in close proximity to the site of the terror at Harvard’s Socialist forum—finger-pointing at anyone and anything but Islamic Jihadis.

So I like, you know, decided I'd see where the original video was posted so that I could, in the interest of public discourse and democracy, stop in there and express myself. Because I like all totally am all about diversity you know.

So I posted in comments and I was immediately accused of being a racist from FOXNEWS and blocked.


*Heh, commies don't like free speech? Why its almost shocking.....

Fortunately I do have an alternate Youtube so I was able to reply to dipshit anyway. And so can you, it is a still mostly a free country.


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