April 29, 2013

For Ruth. A Tribute

Our friend Phyllis Chesler wrote this memorial piece on her friend Ruth Bergman Jody while I was out on vacation.

Its a great read and a great story.

Is it possible that certain people are really angels who quietly but directly intervene in the lives of thousands of people?

I am talking about my dear friend, Ruth Bergman Jody, whose Memorial at the Ethical Culture Society I just attended. I knew Ruth for 46 years. I knew she was a "good" person. But I did not know her at all.

Ruth arrived here as a teenaged Jewish refugee from Hitler's Germany in 1940a fact she never dwelled upon in our first thirty five years together. I know she also lived in Mexico for a decade, returned to NYC, and obtained a Master degree in Counseling from Columbia University. Ruth was the long-time director of the Hunter College Guidance and Tutoring program.

At her Memorial service, people of all ages, many colors, both genders, all sexual persuasions, and from many continents, gathered to memorialize her: a veritable rainbow of tribute. They described how Ruth turned their lives around, mentored them, found them jobs, shelter, safety, and set them on their path. Ruth was interested in everybody and everything. She made each person feel "special."

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