April 28, 2013

Faked 'Hate Crime' Against Mosque

I'm calling it a hoax. There is a history of individuals faking hate crimes in an effort to create the illusion of backlash after acts of terrorism or sudden jihad syndrome.

In this case, someone pretty stupid is attempting to fake a hate crime with graffiti:

Police said Saturday they were investigating what a Muslim advocacy group described as an act of vandalism against an Oklahoma City mosque that may have been part of a backlash after the Boston Marathon bombings.

The graffiti was misspelled words, confused symbols, and a very blatant antisemitic link. The perpetrator wrote "Hale, Satan" and drew a common anarchist symbol, not a Satanist symbol one would expect given the text :


The anarchist symbol is a stylized "A" while a Satanist symbol is a pentagram:


Also at the site, was a star of david, which the vandals seemed to have confused with a Satanic pentagram:


I'm thinking the person(s) responsible will end up being leftists rather than Muslims.

So, here's a tip for all you hoaxers who want to be taken seriously - know your meme.

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