April 27, 2013

MFM Echoes Harvard 'Revolutionary Socialists' Post #BostonBombing Talking Points

Via Rebel Pundit:

The Harvard “Revolutionary” Socialists gathered last week, just three days after the Boston Marathon bombings, for a forum entitled “Don’t Let Them Turn Tragedy into Racism” on the Harvard University campus.

The two speakers, including “one of Britain’s leading young radical intellectuals,” put forth talking points that not only express the “Revolutionary” socialists’ opinion of the Boston terrorism, but also appear to almost exactly echo those put forth by the mainstream media in the U.S.

From the New Yorker to the Chicago Tribune, MSNBC, and even Tom Brokaw, the media marched in lockstep with the finger-pointing talking points presented in close proximity to the site of the terror at Harvard’s Socialist forum—finger-pointing at anyone and anything but Islamic Jihadis.

Many Americans have expressed disgust at the extreme pains some of the more elite members of the media went to avoid “prematurely judging” or presuming that whoever was responsible for the attack might be Islamic Jihadis. This, coupled with failing to extend such courtesy to those Americans among us opposed to high taxes and big government, was particularly revealing of the focus of the mainstream media.

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Certainly some, if not all, of those in the video support the #FreeJahar hashtag on Twitter.

Just sayin is all...

Oh, and, ISLAM/MUSLIM is NOT a race...

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