April 27, 2013

#FreeJahar: Troy Crossley Hearts The #BostonBomber
Zubeidat Tsarnaev Starts 'Fundraiser' For Her Son Jahar

I despise bitches like Troy.

Via Jester

Troy (terrorist sympathizer) - I'm laughing quite vigorously at some of the comments on ur video" goo.gl/UwVX6 (ps expect a spike)"
I decided to help spike it up a bit.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant:

#freejahar #TroyCrossleyTruth follow me @troycrossley
Facebook: Troy Crossley MP

Jester breaks down why, possibly, Troy (and others) are doing the truther thing. It is a must read

Anyone is wondering why the founders of '' #freejahar movement' are desperate to show him innocent? Here's an answer: http://goo.gl/vF9GS

Btw, someone started a @FuckJahar twitter account to counter these idiots.

Update: Troy's "FB page shows a 'fundraiser' for Jahar by Mommy dearest

Click for larger size

Mommy needs money, but not for Jahar.

Here's mommy dearest showing her love for America:

She needed some onions or something to help in her 'fake crying'.

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