April 26, 2013

American on FBI Most Wanted for Aiding al Shabaab Shot by ..... al Shabaab

Omar Hammami tweeted yesterday that he'd been shot by a "Shabaab assassin" in the neck, but that the wound didn't seem mortal to him and he was self treating it.

Vinnie called him out on it saying we wouldn't believe it unless he gave us photographic evidence.

In reply, he posted a series of images, including this one:


So, a guy on the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted Terrorist list was just shot by the terrorists who he went to Somalia to help. Ironic.

But the plot thickens.

After the assassination attempt Hammami then claimed that Shabaab had teamed up with the Somali government and have surrounded the village where he's holed up. A second source tweeting from Mogidishu also claims that word is that one of Shabaab's factions has Hammami and five others considered disloyal to the terror group surrounded. For his part, Hammami says that the locals back him and his rag tag group of non-Somalis.

His last tweet was that:

they are sending forces from multiple directions. we are few but we might get back up. abu zubayr has gone mad. he's starting a civil war.
So, it's on in Somalia. Red on red.

It seems that our efforts to get Omar to come home and face the music have failed. And as we've been telling him for months, this isn't going to end well.

At least not for him. But for the rest of us? Pass the popcorn.

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