April 25, 2013

London Cornhole Watch: Terrorism Perp Richard Dart (aka Salahuddin al-Britani): "Only Allah Can Judge Me"..

Via The Daily Mail

A white Muslim convert who plotted to attack soldiers in Royal Wootton Bassett was jailed for six years yesterday.

Richard Dart, 30, the son of teachers, was arrested as he tried to leave for terrorist training in Pakistan.

The former BBC security guard refused to stand for his sentencing at the Old Bailey, telling Mr Justice Simon: ‘Judgment is only for Allah.’

Middle-class Dart was converted to Islam by hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who also inspired a plot to attack the London Stock Exchange.[More..]

Anjem Choudary keeps popping up, who woulda thunk?

Previous, from Rusty:

Here's a video of Dart. Notice that it's on the YouTube page of Muslims Against Crusades, another among a long list of groups once run by Anjem Choudary which are now banned in the UK.

The BBC also featured Dart in a video called "My Brother the Islamist" in which he calls himself a "jihadist" and admits supporting al Qaeda. The video also records Dart's conversion to Islam, the shahada administered by none other than .... Anjem Choudary[ @anjemchoudary...who appears to be a tad upset about the article..tweet him, he has me blocked!..SH]

Which means that Dart was on everyone's radar and he knew it. So, in addition to being a would-be terrorist, he's also a retard. Which is kind of redundant, I know.

The "Only Allah Can Judge Me" reminds me of the court outburst of the mujahidiot in Canada who was just busted for planinng to bomb, with his akhi, the trestle linking New York and Ontario at Niagara Falls: "I'm only judged by the Holy book.

I suppose it is hard to pound into their thick heads the West is not and will not be ruled by Islamic law.

Wait, he was only sentenced to 6 years with Bubba? Come on London, you could have done better than that.

Yah, that will teach him. Bubba, please do your best on this bitch in the time you have him.

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