April 25, 2013

Report: #BostonBombers Intended To Bomb Times Square Next

I wanted to bomb Times Square too but my VBIED failed~ Faisal Shahzad

"Party in New York" is what was initially stated by #2 during the first interrogation.

Talk about f'd up in the head this bitch is to call bombing a 'party':

On Thursday afternoon, Bloomberg stated that he had been informed by the FBI that the brothers did indeed intend to bomb Times Square. “We now know that that possibility was all too real,” Bloomberg said. The surviving attacker admitted that he and his brother intended to drive to New York and intended to detonate additional explosives in Times Square. "They had built these additional explosives," Bloomberg added.[...]

[Police Commissioner] Kelly said that the first interrogation of Dzhokhar revealed the "party" comments. That interrogation happened Saturday evening to Sunday morning. The second interrogation, which revealed the Tsarnaevs' alleged plans to bomb Times Square, took place Sunday evening to Monday morning[...]

The brothers were in Times Square in April 2012, as well as November, Kelly stated. There were pictures of the brothers from that time.

Gee, imagine how much more the investigators could have learned had they not been interrupted early by a magistrate judge a representative from the U.S. Attorney's office to read Dzhokhar his Miranda Rights. They had 48hrs to interrogate him under the "public safety exemption" but were only given 16.

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