April 25, 2013

GW Bush Presidential Library Dedication Ceremony

"In the end, leaders are defined by the convictions they hold"~GWB

You can watch it live here

I'm sorry I didn't post the link earlier.

Update: C-SPAN has full video of the ceremony here

Update: Campaigner-In-Chief: Bronco Bama uses his speech time to campaign for Immigration Reform.


Update: Someone should tell CODEPINK Bronco Bama is the President now AND tell their followers the below 'puppet' is NOT suppose to be Bronco Bama but Condoleezza Rice:

Arrest War Criminal George W! No #BushCenter
Arrest War Criminal George W! No #BushCenter

Update: Caption on HW Bush's socks should read: 'Eat My Socks CODEPINK":


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