April 25, 2013

Boston Terrorists' Mother: Bombing Was Faked; Red Paint Used To Simulate Blood

And amputees hired to play victims... It's all a mad scheme to make Muslims look bad.

Evil Americans staged the whole Boston Marathon bombings (emphasis mine):

The suspects' mother, who has an outstanding warrant for shoplifting, was at the news conference as well, but apparently is not planning to make the trip. She expressed sympathy for the victims, yet questioned whether the bombing even took place, suggesting red paint was used to simulate blood on Boston's Boylston Street.

The terrorists' father also made a statement saying he has no plans 'to blow up anything' while in America. Let's hope that doesn't change.


UPDATE: Had to add this link to images of bombing victims. Don't worry about them being too graphic. Its only "red paint."

UPDATE by SH: Video of crazy bitch below fold

UPDATE By DMartyr: Video replaced since other became "unavailable." This is not same video, but it is from same press conference. The original video started around the 30 second mark in this video:

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