April 24, 2013

Ben Affleck To Eat Like Peons For 5 Whole Days

Oh, the horror! Five days of pure hell to show solidarity with poor people!


The Oscar-winning director recently signed on to participate in the Global Poverty Project's Live Below the Line, a campaign that challenges average (and above-average) people to live on just $1.50 a day for five days. The initiative is meant to simulate what it's like for the 1.4 billion people worldwide who live in extreme poverty.

Eating on $1.50 per day is called a "diet," Ben.

Living on $1.50 a day would mean giving up your $17 million dollar mansion, your sports cars, your country club memberships, your healthcare plans, your home and auto insurance, your housekeepers, your lawn service, and everything else you paid for monthly, quarterly or yearly. Just because you don't physically handle more than $1.50 a day doesn't mean you are living off $1.50 per day.

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