April 23, 2013

Fighting Radicals From Inside Islam


Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, author of A Battle for the Soul of Islam, joined Derek Hunter on Tuesday to talk about what creates radical Islamic extremists like the Boston Marathon Bomber
You can listen here or here.

Give it a listen.

Oh, and, please don't tell me Dr. Jasser is with them. He gets enough bs from the Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR and their apologists,

We need more people like him to fight radical Islam in America. I always hear "why doesn't the Muslim community in America" speak out against terror attacks. Dr Jasser has and does and by doing so he is called 'Uncle Tom of Islam" by CAIR and their apologists including Dem US Senators/Congressman.

Humor me now. When school children are targeted and killed as in Newtown, the dems/libs want to blame NRA and ALL right wing law abiding patriots. .

Radical Islamist set bombs at the Boston Marathon and killed innocents.

Dr Jasser is not a follower of the bombers brand of Islam. Others like him are not followers of the bombers brand of Islam.

He is someone who needs support from more in the Muslim community and especially us.

Please give him a listen.

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