April 19, 2013

New Boston Bomber Search Thread
Pressure Cooker Bomb Thrown at Cops
An International Connection?
FBI Interviewed 2 Yrs Ago!

The last post was getting too long, so here's a new one.

Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev is still on the loose. Lot's of rumors, but not much solid.

One thing I just saw on Boston's CBS local station is that the so-called "grenade" thrown at the police officer last night was really another pressure cooker bomb.

So, he chucked the pressure cooker bomb at the police during last niight's shoot out, and it goes off. Only, the lid pops off when it hits the ground so there's not much of a concussive force.

In other words, it was a dud.

Which explains the mystery of the "grenades" which never were. It ain't easy to get a live grenade.

I'm also guessing that the so-called "explosive vest" will turn out to be ... something else. An explosive vest? Really? Packed with .... what? C-4?

These guys clearly followed the directions on How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom from AQAP's Inspire magazine. A suicide vest isn't as easy to make.

So, I'm skeptical on that claim, too.

We'll put any updates below.

Update by Vinnie NBC News just tweeted:


No real confirmation on that though. No link at the NBC News website.

UPDATE by Rusty: It kinda sounds like the "IEDs" found were strapped to the now deceased Tsarnaev's chest. So, smaller pipe bombs?

Recall that the Inspire instructions for making the pressure cooker bomb also showed how to use pipes.

Here's an image.


Just seems to make more sense than these guys having C-4 or something similar.

Also, I keep erroneously calling the Inspire article "Basement of Your Mom" instead of the correct "Kitchen of Your Mom". It's a Freud thing. I used to make fun of Samir Khan for living in his mom's basement. In return, he threatened to kill me. Good times. Good times.

Update by SH Boston Globe tweeted

In Watertown brothers in firefight with police; MSP found 200 spent rounds, evidence of homemade bombs, pipe bombs and a pressure cooker
Which comes back to what Rusty reported.

UPDATE by Rusty: The timing of the Elder Tsarnaev "radicalization" seems to have coincided with his return from Russia. Notice that his YouTube account featuring extremist videos was made a month after he got back from his six month trip to the Motherland.

Kind of makes you wonder what he was up to while visiting ol' daddy (my son was framed!), doesn't it?

Also, the discussion of his YouTube account as evidence of radicalization seems to be focused on videos of the Australian extremist preacher Feizal Muhammad or to the "Black flags of Khorasan" prophecy video.

Ok, both are indications of some radical tendencies.

But what is being overlooked here is that he had a playlist called "terrorists". But because the playlist seems empty, people are ignoring what was in it. I couldn't find the video, "Амир Раббаникалы Абу Дуджана - Обращение к ополченцам", which was placed in the playlist twice.

But here's an image. A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words.


I'd say that about sums it up.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, the video above is about Abu Dujana, an Islamist rebel killed in 2012 in ..... Dagastan.

Where is Papa Tsarnaev living and where, presumably, did Tamerlan go to visit his father last year? Hint: it's not "Russia" as is being widely reported:

father, spoke with international media from his home, in the Dagestan capital of Makhachkala
It appears we have a bit more of our answer.

Dagestan is basically next door to Chechnya, and although both are part of the "Russian Federation" they're really not "Russian".

So, in sum:
1) Tamerlan Tsarnaev goes to visit his Dad in Dagestan last year and is gone for six months.
2) A month after returning home he opens a YouTube account adding a video of a dead Dagestani terrorist.

Up until this point I was inclined to theorize self-radicalization online. But now? Not so much.

Certainly they got their instructions for making their bombs through Inspire magazine, which is published in English. But you know what? The magazine has been translated into Russian and the Dagestani jihadis have links at their website to Russian language Inspire magazine translations.

I think we need to start looking for those international connections. They may just be there.

UPDATE: It looks like the FBI interviewed Tamerlan two years ago ... at the request of a foreign government. [Update by SH: Link to CBS report here]

AllahP speculates that it was the Russians. If the Russians wanted him interviewed, then doesn't that seem to indicate that his trip to Dagestan is key here?

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