April 19, 2013

Leftist Media Begins Lamenting Muslim Victimization

Because Muslims are the real victims when Islamic terrorists kill non-Muslim civilians...

From RawStory:

US Muslims are “holding their breath” as the investigation into the Boston Marathon attacks develops, amid fears of increased racial profiling and attacks if an Islamic link is confirmed, according to advocate groups.

From Huffpo:

A Muslim woman wearing a hijab said she was attacked in the Boston area by a man who shouted that Muslims had perpetrated the twin bombings that killed three people and wounded about 170 Monday.

From BBC:

As the investigation into who was behind the Boston bombings goes on, Muslim communities are braced for a backlash should the perpetrator share their faith.

In their mind, giving a woman in a hijab a dirty look is just as bad as blowing the legs off innocent children...

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