April 18, 2013

Arab Spring! Dirty Dancing Edition


Hardline Islamists threw stones and bottles at young women in a student hostel in Tunis to stop them staging a performance of dance and music, witnesses said on Thursday, in another blow to secular freedoms in the country that spawned the Arab Spring.

Female university students housed at the Bardo district hostel in the capital were just starting a weekly show of dance and music on Wednesday evening when dozens of hardline Salafists broke into the premises after scaling its walls, witnesses said.

"They smashed windows on our building and threw stones and bottles at the students, stopping the performance," said Rim Nsairi, one of the students, who are aged 19 to 24.

Contrary to reports the Salafis didn't care about the dirty dancing. They decided to riot when one of the sisters kept playing She's Like the Wind over and over and over.

Who can blame them?

Hat Tip: Aaron.

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