April 18, 2013

Hi Ho Sliver and Away!

I didn't realize Tamara Holder had a blog.

Starts off well

Samir Khan, was a Pakistani-American citizen killed in Yemen in 2011. He was just 25 years old. Samir Khan was killed by an American drone. His death has been a hot topic of debate regarding how we capture and kill American terrorists abroad.

Samir’s article teaches a rookie bomb-maker not to forecast the results or consequences, and that all the person has to do is make the device and detonate it. The “trial” will result in the “highest level of Paradise.”

But then....
Because of the lack of information at this stage, my only thought is this attack was that of a lone ranger.
Lone Ranger?

*Don't you really mean pasty white right wing extremist vigilante?

*oh come on, joke em if they can't take a you know.

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