April 18, 2013

Before And After Photos Of Suspicious Package (Updated & Bumped)

Yesterday, I posted pictures of what several news media outlets claimed were of the second bomb. They showed a very suspicious package beside a mailbox. (Scroll down below fold to view them.)

My contention is that the package was not the bomb, and that news sites, including Breitbart, were irresponsible for not doing even the most basic investigation to determine accuracy of the reporting.

To add to my response, I found these photographs of the second explosion. The first image is the actual explosion. The second image, taken from the opposite end of the street, shows smoke plume immediately after the explosion:



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As you can clearly see from the pictures (and the video), the blast was behind the metal barricades and not by the street where the suspicious package was located.

The 'before and after' pictures the media is claiming shows the bomb is, at best, sloppiness by the media or, at worst, as Moshe says, the media attempting to create news. Professional journalists should be embarrassed that bloggers with no formal journalism or investigative training are able to present news more accurately than they do.

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Several news sites are carrying this as though it's a huge clue. After only a few seconds of examination, Vinnie and I were able to spot a few inconsistencies.

First, the bag is still there. It has just been blurred. For some reason, Breitbart, Fox and others are using a more blurred image that completely, and perhaps, deliberately obscures the bag.

Second, the metal railing is wrapped around the mailbox indicating the blast originated behind the fence, not in front of it. Had the package been the bomb, the barricade would have, no doubt, been blown back toward the crowd.

Third, the sign on the street post to the left is bent outward, toward the street. If the blast had come from the package, it should have been bent directly to the left, parallel with the street.

It should also be pointed out that the FBI has located at least one black backpack used to hide the bombs. This package does not fit that evidence.

I just don't see this package being significant. All indications, imo, suggest the bomb was near the base of the tree and on the other side of the fence. We need an uncensored image to be certain.

Below the fold I have marked these points, in case anyone is having difficulty seeing them.

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