April 16, 2013

Denmark Sweeps up Sharia4Belgium


Fouad Belkacem and 50 other members of the Anjem Choudary inspired Sharia4Belgium were swept up by Belgian authorities today.

Fouad Belkacem, was placed under arrest Tuesday by a judge in Antwerp. "My client denies any involvement in terrorist activities. He also denies enlisting young people to send in Syria, "said his lawyer.

The former spokesman for the extremist splinter group dissolved Sharia4Belgium, Fouad Belkacem, was placed under arrest Tuesday by a judge in Antwerp. He will appear Friday before the council chamber will decide whether to maintain his detention. The former spokesman denies the charges against him, said his lawyer, Mr. Walter Damen.

Fouad Belkacem was arrested Tuesday in connection with the major action taken against persons suspected of terrorist activities against groups enrôleraient young Belgians to fight in Syria. The survey, conducted in February 2012, aimed in particular Sharia4Belgium.

WAPO says the authorities are trying to determine if Sharia4Belgium is a terrorist group.
Authorities are trying to determine if the group is a terrorist outfit, and prosecutors allege that Sharia4Belgium members who had traveled to Syria linked up with “al-Qaida-inspired combatants.” Videos showed its former leader Fouad Belkacem being taken from his home in the pre-dawn sweep.

“It was a very important step of the federal police to try to counter that movement,” Mechelen Mayor Bart Somers told The Associated Press.

That's a silly question. Of course they are a terrorist group. A domestic islamic insurgency hell bent on replacing the nation of Belgium with an Islamic state and placing all the Kuffar there under their rule as second class citizens. The question are they terrorists? is laughable.

We in the west the only ones that confer a special religious exception to Muslims to commit sedition and treason. Once they rule don't expect them to return the favor, expect more like them claiming your wife as theirs just before your beheading.

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