April 11, 2013

Google ♥'s Michelle Malkin

Progressive, anti-Christian, anti-Military search engine Google shows its love for Michelle Malkin:

(Click Image For Full Screenshot)

I'm not sure how Google selects the image to accompanying the mini-bios. At first, I assumed they just used the first picture from the Google images on that person. Not in this case. Then I checked Wikipedia, since the mini-bio was from there. But this very unflattering image of Michelle Malkin isn't there.

The image Google is using appears to be a frame grab from a video and possibly photoshopped. It is from a blog whose owner apparently hates Malkin.

Why Google chose this particular image is beyond me. It's childish and malicious. But it also illustrates the mentality, the hatred, and intolerance of the left. Michelle must be doing something right.

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