April 10, 2013

Everyone Wave Buh Bye to Bahader Ali and Mohammed Rizwan

And remember all suffering and persecution is for the sake of Allah, so its good that you suffer.

members of a gang who planned terrorist atrocities bigger than 7 July 2005 have admitted terrorism-related offences.

Mohammed Rizwan, 34, and Bahader Ali, 29, both from Sparkbrook in Birmingham, pleaded guilty at Woolwich crown court to engaging in conduct in preparation of acts of terrorism, police said.

They were members of a gang led by Irfan Naseer, 31, Irfan Khalid, 28, and Ashik Ali, 28, all from Birmingham, who were convicted in February

Why the Guardian is so Dhimmified that now Islamic terrorists groups are just "gangs". Like Qaida al-Jihad is just a gang violence issue.

Hat Tip: Mean Kitteh.

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