April 09, 2013

Graphic Video: Christian Women Sexually Assaulted by Men of Unknown and Presumably Unknowable Religion Screaming "Allahu Akbar!"

I love when the media calls events like this "sectarian violence".

Two sides, each with their own grievances. Who's to say who's in the right?

I think they do this because they find themselves in a leftist dilemma. Leftists see the world through the lens of power. The haves vs. the have-nots. That is their moral outlook on life. It has nothing to do with right or wrong, proper vs. improper action, only who has power and who doesn't have power.

Christianity = West = power = bad. Islam = third world = no power = good.

Which is a problem for them when it comes to Christians vs. Muslims in the Muslim world. It's just hard for them to wrap their narrow minds around a reality in which Muslims have the power and Christians are a persecuted and powerless minority.

So, when they come upon this situation they resort to the thing that is easiest: they're all guilty. Just two sides engaged in cyclical violence. Why can't everybody just get along?

Except that Coptic Christians in Egypt aren't terrorizing Muslims by burning down their mosques, and gang raping their women while screaming, "Jesus is Lord."

The video below is fairly disturbing, even if it is not as graphic as advertized. It claims to be a "gang rape" over at LiveLeak, but if a rape does occur the video shuts off before that point.

What it does show is a gang of men screaming "Allahu akbar!" as they assault two Christian women, beating them, and tearing their clothes off as the women cry and scream. The footage is purportedly from outside the Coptic cathedral which was victimized yesterday by a mob involved in "sectarian violence".

I did not come back from watching it with a cheery outlook on life. You've been warned.

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