April 09, 2013

Seriously Good News: Two French Free from Taliban

One escaped and the other was freed by force.

Two Frenchmen held hostage separately in Afghanistan have been freed, officials said Monday, with one man found by local security personnel in a Taliban-troubled area near Kabul.

Pierre Borghi was kidnapped in late November and released in Wardak province outside the capital on Sunday night, Afghan officials said, while the second released man, who has not been named, was taken captive in Kabul on January 27.

Officials in Kabul who declined to be identified said that the two men had been held separately and gave no explanation of why they had been released on the same day.

“Two of our compatriots kidnapped in Afghanistan have been released. We welcome their freedom,” Philippe Lalliot, spokesman for the foreign ministry in Paris, told AFP.

Great to have you back, My advice, now go back to France and stay out of God forsaken third world shit holes.

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