April 08, 2013

An Interview With Amina Tyler

The Atlantic:

The Tunisian woman who sparked the feminist group's nude protest last week says it was the wrong approach. But was she speaking freely?

For the first time since her disappearance after posting topless photos of herself on Femen's Facebook Tunisia page almost three weeks ago, Amina Tyler, the 19-year-old Tunisian aspirant to Femen, spoke to the press, granting, on Saturday, a brief interview to the French satellite television station Canal+.

She professed to have no regrets, apparently in reference to her topless postings, but "I don't know what will happen in the future . . . I have to leave Tunisia, because I've received a lot of death threats, and I'm afraid for my life and for my family here, especially since there are a lot of rumors about what the Salafists and Islamists are going to do to me." Menacing messages, she said, have come via telephone and her Facebook page. "'You're going to die! We're going to throw acid on your face,' things like that."

Had she in fact been kidnapped by her family, as was widely reported, after uploading her pictures to Femen's page? She implied as much.

"My family found me in a café and took me home. My cousin broke my cell phone and beat me." She was then moved "to another city in Tunisia." Had she been forced to stay with her family? "Yes, of course. I don't want to stay in Tunisia . . . I hope to leave Tunisia and leave my family and all these threats." Now and then she smiled uncomfortably, her voice sounding mostly flat and expressionless.

Amina then expressed fears that Femen burning the Salafist banner inscribed with the Shahada was an insult to all Muslims not just Islamist radicals.

The Altantic notes in parenthesis that "In fact, her name figures nowhere among the slogans the three activists involved painted on their chests and backs; "

Which is not exactly accurate. They activists did shout Aminas name. But regardless now they are receiving the predictable death threats.

Shevchenko herself has been dealing with the fallout from Femen's Topless Jihad Day, during which she and her colleagues conducted protests across Europe, in Brazil, and even in San Francisco to show solidarity with Tyler. "A man has posted a video online in Arabic calling for us to be beheaded for our mosque protest." This and other threats have prompted her and other Femen members to take measures to conceal their identity when outside. (Femen's France headquarters is located in a mostly Muslim neighborhood in Paris.)
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